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A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated.

Database Gold is destined to be a way for investors to gain an advantage in investing

what you are ready to invest in the database? You only need an order with a minimum of $1 can benefit according to the plan provided.
Our approach to Database Gold Sourcing

We search for database throughout Australia with reliable rental returns and superior capital growth, selecting only those that meet our strict criteria, and are located in major Australian capital cities. We know you want good returns so we employ strict selection criteria to match your plan. Our number one priority is that your database has a strong potential for capital growth with a solid rental income. We look specifically for database that perform. A Database Gold selected database is a database with significant tax benefits, to help maintain your cash-flow for your next purchase, located in a growth suburb with proven rental returns.

We only source databases at real market prices in emerging and growth suburbs. We'll show you dependable and independent third party research from proven sources, including RESIDEX™, Australian Bureau of Statistics, BIS Shrapnel and the Real Estate Institute of Australia, to help you make a sound decision and dismiss any spin and marketing hype.

SMSF Investors

We've helped over a thousand FP Members recently set up and invest in database with Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Allmost investors are often confused about the process, or think it will be complex to set up & purchase database. Database Gold have $100K (can be combined with FP members) in Super and looking for another way to boost or start a database portfolio - as well as take control of their own Super. FP can help you with SMSF investing.

Greater Returns, Greater Control. Database Gold are realising the many benefits of taking control of their own Super, particularly after the volatility, unsatisfactory returns & high management fees experienced with managed or retail funds.


Totally Risk Free!

Investment without any risk Database Gold come with new kind of investment program, 100% Risk free. We are focus in any kind of database business.

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Stable Profit

Short Term Huge profits Database Gold offer 5 kind of investments program, 24Hours - 5Hours, you can start deposit and earn with as low as $1.

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Upto 5% Commission

2 level affiliates program Database Gold have 2 levels deep referral commission. 5% and 3% commission. Register now to get your referral link.

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